Human resources


Preparation  of procedures on human resources and professional standards

Preparation of standard documents (for example, labour contracts, orders, statements, applications)

Preparation of professional standards

Preparing Guidelines, Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for the Company

Prepare a guidebook for staff

Establishing Code of Ethical Conduct

Development of the Code of Professional Conduct


Identify and select potential employee resources

Establishing recruitment guidelines (curriculum vitae, test-interview, verification of the provided warranties);

warranty checks);

Job analysis and writing of job descriptions;

Arranging interviews

Preparation and conduction of general / specific knowledge tests and special abilities, personal, motivation and skill tests;

Determination of salary rate;

Identifying and documenting key business functions on duties;

Preparing, developing and / or implementing the acquaintance / orientation process for new employees, including service performance assessment analysis standards.

Training reserve staff.


Salary Procedures

Implementation of initial documents  and HR administration on calculation of salary;

Procedure for calculation of additions, rewards and other payments to salary;

Calculation of vacation and average salary

Calculation of benefits for loss of work ability

Calculation of some mandatory state social insurance payments

Calculation of final payments

Salary deductions and exemptions

Calculation of payments for assignments

Issuance of statements concerning salary.


Establishing a training system for company

Building an internal training system

Involving experts in trainings

Formation of the internal trainers database

Pre-test and post-test systems training

Final assessment of the training and building its impact mechanism

Establishing a coaching system

Providing internal training academies for the company

Establishment of a human resources survey system for development


Evaluation of service performance

Establishing a system for identifying requirements for service performance evaluation

Establishing a system for implementation of evaluation of service performance

Establishing a system for coordinating service performance assessment with rewards

Establishing a system for coordinating service performance assessment with rewards

Establishing a system for coordinating service performance assessment with training and professional skills improvement requirement


Rewarding and keeping at work

Establishment and implementation of company bonus programs for awarding employees based on appropriate rank and promotion structure;

Developing and implementing incentive bonus programs based on financial and non-financial criteria;

Analyzing, developing, applying and supporting the allowance policy and salary structure in line with the company's strategic goals;

Evaluation of the requirements for the bonus plan and identifying / selection of proposed plans taking into account of the company's strategic goals

Implementation and management of bonus plans.


Planning and overall human resources policy

Activities of various sub-functions (recruitment, planning, training and development, performance management, remuneration system management, career development, etc.) within human resources function and their coordination

Preparation of Regulations of structural divisions, including HR function

Identifying personnel requirements for implementation of company's goals and objectives

Presentation of the ISO system

Presentation of the OHSAS system

Establishing an automated HR system

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