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Business Trainings

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Project Management

Sales Skills

Telephone Image of the Organization (for call centers)

Introduction to Marketing

Marketing Management

Strategic Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications

Digital Marketing

Product Development and Management

Branding, Brand Management and Strategies

Strategic Management and Corporate Strategy

Business Statistics and Analysis

Media Planning

Risk Management

Business Plan Development


Personal Development Trainings

Communication Skills

Listening and Explanation Skills

Teamwork Organization (team-building)

Stress Management

Time Management

Body Language

Business Etiquette and Protocol Rules

Management and Leadership

Creating a Positive Image and PR

Effective Presentation Skills

Conflict Management

Employee engagement

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Effective Business Correspondence

Leadership Skills

Ethical Behavior

Training for Instructors 


Financial Trainings

Mathematical Statistics in Finance

Sales Management

Financial Analysis

Credit Management

Working with Plastic Cards

Loan Workouts

Settlements and Money Transfers

Bank Capital and Calculation of Its Adequacy

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